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About Carlo & HS Help Now

Hello my name is Carlo. I suffer from a very rare painful disease. HS is ranked the 6th most painful diseases. There is no cure or good medical help that works at the moment. Do not get me wrong I am a very happy person but I happen to be in massive pain 24/7. My life's goal is to find the cure. I have been searching for the cure for HS (Hidradenitis Suppurativa) for nearly 30 years. I will do whatever it takes to help others with HS to try and live a normal life. HS is one of the most painful diseases in the world. I will also do whatever I can to find the cure even if it kills me. I get contacted from people daily from around the world with HS. I help them diagnose as well as help them through daily life. HS is not the end. I know to us HS patients sometimes it seems like suicide is the way out. If you are ever feeling that way contact me ASAP. I have had it over 30 years. It is hard to function yes, but it is livable. 

If you are suffering from HS please contact me anytime. I can help you find the correct doctor, etc. I have been experimenting for nearly 30 years with what helps and what does not.

Please feel free to share your story with me, or if you would like to ask questions about you HS. It is 100% confidential. I will also keep you in the loop with new medications, and studies from around the world. We will beat this disease!

Thank you for sharing.

Areas of Expertise

I can help you diagnose HS
I can help with HS LIfe Coping Skills
I can help you find the right Doctor 

Below are a few of my HS video's. I do these to show the world and to reach the medical community worldwide. my videos have over 5 million view's. I do informational video's on HS as well as you can see in the second video. HS patients need a cure so we can live pain free. Please contact me anytime. I will give you the facts on what I believe on my 32 years dealing with this horrible disease. 

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